International Academy of Clinical Thermography
Association for the Advancement of Diagnostic Thermal Imaging

Welcome to all health care professionals.

This area contains pertinent educational and technical information on the clinical application of thermographic imaging.

In order to capture infrared images that are of diagnostic quality, we have included information on Choosing an Infrared Imaging System.

The Education and Training section provides information on IACT Certification Programs and an application form. The IACT prides itself on providing the finest training available for Clinical Thermologists and Thermographic Technicians.

Also provided are Thermography Guidelines (Standards and Protocols), new technologies information, clinical case studies, and articles.

Established as a non-profit organization in 1983, the IACT provides resources in clinical thermography to both the health care community and the general public. The membership section provides information about the IACT, it’s by-laws, contacts, board members, and a membership application.